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June 2010

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missxmurderess in cheerleaders


1) Name: Kayla
2) Age: 19
3) Location: New Hampshire
4) Gender: Female
5) Hobbies/Interests: cheerleading, being with my family, dancing, singing, marching band/colorguard, theater, music, movies. I like pretty much everything. I am a very well rounded person.
6) Are You A Competitive Cheerleader? Of course. But I also just like to have fun.
7) How Many Years Have You Been Cheering? 3. But have loved for a life time.
8) Name The Teams You've Been On! Milford High School (jv- fall, varsity- winter), and Strafford County Spirit All Stars (now in Bangor, ME instead of Rochester, NH).
9) What's Your Favorite Tumbling Pass? well I was never really good at tumbling, but I was working on my back handspring.
10) What's Your Favorite Stunt? umm... well I dont know the name of the stunt, but it was this pyramid we were working on on my all stars team.
11) What's Your Favorite Competitive Cheerleading Team? East Elite, and Celebrity. And of course my SCS. (i miss them so)

anyway... now to the good stuff.
I started cheering in my junior year of h.s. (2006-2007). I was on the fall jv team, and then I was on the winter varsity. In the fall, the varsity team won 1st place in their division at states. And the jv won in the ims division at states. I was so proud. My first year cheering and we won states. How awesome is that? And then with winter varsity... well the judges never seem to like MHS winter varsity. We always come in almost last or last. It's never fun.
In my senior year, I decided that I would ditch high school cheering and go onto all star cheering. I made friends on the team I was cheering with. It was awesome. Part way through last years season I became pregnant. I decided to keep the baby so I had to quit cheering. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, but I loved cheering so much I knew if it was meant to be I would get back into it. Now a year has gone by since I quit, I have an 8 month old son. His name is Skyler. I love him to death. He is the cutest little bouncing baby ever. I also gave up on school last year. Yes I know, stupid me, and only with 3 course credits to go. But now it is almost the second semester of the school year, and I have decided to go back to h.s. and get my diploma. My mom was so happy to hear that. She made me feel stupid for dropping out just cuz I was pregnant. She says 'I did it, and so could have you.' It made me aggravated when she would rub that in my face. But now I am making her happy, and I am making myself happy. I am giving my sisters something to look forward to, since they were disappointed I dropped out. Especially my older sister, Sara. She was disappointed she couldn't go to my other older sister (Amanda)'s graduation cuz she dropped out too. And then I made her disappointed again. But now all three of my sisters can be happy for me. And my bf, who I love so much, can be happy for me too. And I know my son will be happy to say that his mommy could graduate too.
So getting back to cheering. I am possibly going to be one of the new assistant coaches for one of the pop warner teams where I live. And I am happy and so excited. I would love to be a head coach but you have to be at least 21 to be a head coach. So oh well. I am happy being an assistant coach. I get to be in cheering and I get to happy kids. Two of the best things ever. Why not do both?

I know this was supposed to be about cheerleading, but I wanted to tell you all a little about myself.

Well, ttfn. Goodbyes!

-Kayla <3